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What is a root canal?

A root canal is a dental procedure aimed at treating infection at the center of a tooth (the root canal system). It involves removing the damaged area of the tooth (the pulp), cleaning and disinfecting it, and then filling and sealing it. The common misconceptions that root canal treatments are painful are outdated, thanks to advanced techniques and anesthesia that make the procedure no more uncomfortable than having a filling.
Why root canals are necessary
Root canal treatments are crucial for saving a tooth that has been infected due to deep decay, repeated dental procedures on the tooth, large fillings, a crack or chip in the tooth, or trauma. This procedure is essential to stop the infection from spreading and to preserve the natural tooth.

Common symptoms indicating a root canal

Several symptoms may suggest the need for a root canal, and not all are painfully obvious. If you experience any of the following, it might be time to visit Dr. Implant Dentist:

Persistent toothache

Pain in the tooth when biting, chewing, or when pressure is applied.

Sensitivity to hot and cold

Lingering pain after eating hot or cold foods.

Swollen gums

Swelling around the tooth that may be tender or painful.


A darkening of the tooth.

Visible signs of infection

A small, pimple-like bump on the gums near the area of tooth pain, which might ooze pus caused by the infection.
Understanding these symptoms and seeking prompt treatment is vital to your oral health and can prevent further complications. If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, contact Dr. Implant Dentist in Tijuana to schedule a consultation and get the relief you deserve.

The critical benefits of root canal treatment

Preserving your natural teeth

One of the most significant benefits of root canal treatment is its ability to save a tooth that might otherwise need to be extracted. Losing a natural tooth can lead to a range of complications, including misalignment of the surrounding teeth, loss of bone in the jaw, and changes in bite pressure. Root canal treatment removes the infected or inflamed pulp, allowing the tooth to be preserved.

Halting the spread of infection

A root canal also plays a crucial role in stopping the spread of infection within the mouth. If left untreated, the bacteria from the infected tooth can invade the gum tissues and even enter the bloodstream, leading to more severe health issues. By removing the infected pulp and thoroughly disinfecting the inside of the tooth, root canal treatment eliminates the source of the infection.

At Dr. Implant Dentist in Tijuana, our expert team uses the latest techniques and technology to ensure that your root canal procedure is both comfortable and effective.

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Step-by-step guide to root canal treatment at Dr. Implant dentist in Tijuana

Diagnosis and Planning
The root canal process begins with a thorough examination to diagnose the presence of infection in the tooth pulp. At Dr. Implant Dentist, we use advanced diagnostic tools, including digital X-rays, to get a detailed view of the tooth and the surrounding bone structure. This helps us assess the extent of the damage and plan the most effective treatment approach.
Anesthesia and Pain Management
A common concern among patients is the fear of pain associated with root canal treatment. At Dr. Implant Dentist, we prioritize patient comfort. Modern anesthesia options are administered to completely numb the affected area, ensuring that patients experience minimal to no discomfort during the procedure. Our team is skilled in various pain management techniques and will discuss the best options for your specific needs.
Accessing the Infected Area
Once the area is numb, the next step is to create a small opening in the crown of the tooth to access the infected or inflamed pulp. This part of the procedure is carried out with precision instruments, allowing for minimal impact on the tooth structure.
Cleaning the Canal
After the infected pulp is exposed, the next step is to remove it and thoroughly clean the root canal system. Special tools are used to clean out the debris and diseased tissue from within the canals. This cleaning process is critical to removing the infection and preparing the tooth for filling.
Filling the Canal
Once the canals are cleaned and dried, they are filled with a biocompatible material, usually a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. This filling helps to seal the canals, preventing bacteria from re-entering and causing new infections. The opening in the tooth is then sealed with a temporary filling to protect the tooth between appointments.
Restoration of the Tooth
The final step in the root canal process is the restoration of the tooth. Depending on the extent of the damage, this may involve placing a permanent filling or a crown to restore the tooth to its full function and aesthetic appearance. At Dr. Implant Dentist, we ensure that the restoration not only looks natural but also offers durability and strength.

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